Crooked House (2008 UK)

A BBC Christmas revival of the format that had lain dormant since 1980s US revivals “Creepshow” and “Tales from the Darkside”. Written by actor and writer Mark Gatiss – no slouch when it comes to knowledge of the macabre side of the silver screen as his “History of Horror” documentaries proved – here are 3 tales involving the history of foreboding Geap Manor, relayed by a sinister museum curator (Gatiss) to a schoolteacher (Lee Ingleby). [Read more…]


And Now The Screaming Starts (1973 Britain)

This period horror film has all the right ingredients to be a success. It’s got atmosphere, nice sets, Peter Cushing, an experienced horror director, a severed hand with a mind of it’s own…but despite all this, it just doesn’t work as it should. One of the studio’s rare non-anthology movies, it suffers from a very uncertain script. The opening narration suggests a gothic melodrama along the lines of `Rebecca’, but it all-too quickly goes over the top. Familiar genre faces such as Patrick Magee pop up only to fall foul for a disembodied hand (a left over from the studio’s `Dr Terror’s House Of Horrors’) and the whole thing falters. [Read more…]

Fluke (James Herbert)

FlukeThis novel concerns the adventures of a mongrel dog who has memories of his former life as a man. I connected very emotionally with his struggle, and found the 224 pages sweeping by me. There is plenty of humour as well to balance out the tears. Most fiction (books or on screen) about dogs usually has the audience weeping at some stage. I admit I did. [Read more…]

The Ghost Hunters (Neil Spring)

the-ghost-hunters-by-neil-springA lot of this novel is based on fact – especially the actual haunting at the infamous Borley Rectory. This is a fascinating insight into both Harry Price and the methods he used to debunk fraudulent mediums in the early 20th century. Even if some of his evidence/methods were questioned in the years after his death.
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THE SIXTH SENSE (1999 United States)

sixthOne of those rare horror stories that also works as a tear-jerker. A creepy plot that might make you sad. This combination is executed very impressively, with A Turn Of The Screw tragic feel to it that Henry James himself may have recognized. Linking children to the paranormal through loss is a strong method to emotionally engage the audience.
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GHOST STORIES Volume 2 (M.R. JAMES audiobook)

51T8Ul-OrML._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_You get five classic tales by England’s greatest writer of ghost stories on this cd. Running time: two hours forty four minutes. Each story is narrated by Derek Jacobi, one of Britain’s greatest television actors of the past fifty years. [Read more…]

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