While The City Sleeps (1956 USA)

Fritz Lang’s second to last American feature is one of his most cynical pieces of work, consisting of two plot threads deftly coiled together to create an ironic whole. When media mogul, Amos Kyne, dies his playboy son takes over the seat of power. But, knowing he is unable to manage such an organization, he decides to create an executive directorship just below his role to do all the real work and manage the company day by day. Meanwhile, a maniac–‘The Lipstick Killer’– is stalking the city, strangling young women in their homes. [Read more…]


Endless Night (1972 Britain)

First I reviewed the novel, now the celluloid. The book was a clever literary trick for its time. It is the first person narration of a psychopathic killer who is trying to hide his real nature and intentions from the reader, while actually dropping a series of clues that things are not quite what they seem. It is this trick, rather than the banal situation, which is the real reason for reading the book and it is obviously this trick that made Sidney Gilliat want to film it. The problem is that he could not find a way to replicate it on screen, because cinema only really works in the third person and people are generally uncomfortable with movies that tell lies. [Read more…]

Village Of The Damned (1960 UK)

Village_of_the_Damned_(1960)This review is dedicated to Barbara Shelley, where ever you are: a very underrated actress who deserved more high profile roles than she received. Back on November 12, 1959 to be precise, the Hertfordshire village of Letchmore Heath was invaded by a gang of film makers intent on bringing to life John Wyndham’s fantasy novel The Midwich Cuckoos. German-born director Wolf Rilla felt his gang could succeed. Did they? Read on Macduff… [Read more…]

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