Titanic II (2010 USA)

It sinks again? Maybe vessels this size should not be named Titanic. Just a thought. This was written by Shane Van Dyke – whoever he is. It was also directed by Shane Van Dyke. By a funny coincidence Mr Van Dyke also helps himself to the lead actor’s role as well. I guess he just wanted to keep things real. He’s certainly no James Cameron. And when you consider how mediocre Cameron is then there lies the indictment. Titanic II starts exactly one hundred years after the launch & sinking of the original Titanic in 1912. In 2012 a new luxury cruise liner christened the Titanic II is about to set sail on her maiden voyage across the Atlantic. From silicone breasts to even a toothless black guy, this disaster has nothing going for it. [Read more…]


The Sopranos (1999 – 2007 USA)

aida t (2)   (“Um ole school Janice…when I tink ah that jaackat de bawss spit awn..”)

You wouldn’t know it from watching this infamous HBO show but Italy brought the fruits of civilization to a vast multi-ethnic empire stretching from Scotland to the Sudan. The heirs to Julius Caesar; they gave the world many treasures from the Pax Romana to the Renaissance so I can understand some Italian people feeling outraged by this TV series. One FBI report in 2002 stated that Italian Americans make up only .00782 per cent of convicted criminals in the US. Considering Italian-Americans are about 5.4 % of the US population (2013) they are remarkably well behaved citizens…but trashy Hollywood never let facts get in the way!
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