Midsummer Century (James Blish)

The average quality of this work perhaps can be excused by the fact that during the early 70s Blish was chronically ill (he died in 1975 from lung cancer). But unless you are a dedicated fan of Mr Blish, ‘Midsummer’ is best passed over by those looking for memorable works from this era. This book actually contains one novella-length story, “Midsummer Century,” and two short stories: “Skysign” and “A Style in Treason.” In “Midsummer Century,” a scientist troubleshooting a radio telescope, falls (what a surprise!) into the antenna and, due to a construction error, has his consciousness projected 23,000 years into the future. [Read more…]


The End of Eternity (Isaac Asimov)

I’ve never had much time for Asimov, partly because of the media hype that surrounds his name. The problem I have with his writing here is that emotional situations seem to be taken to extremes: going from dry clinical detachment to wildly-in-love, blackmailing, murderous and suicidal, without any sort of in-between. Also, for a supposedly thoughtful and incredibly precise guy, his ability to jump to extreme conclusions based on minimal evidence is very jarring. His style is immature and his characters are flat. They are people who are so superficial and tedious that it is hard to care about any of them. So, lets turn to the plot… [Read more…]

Logan’s Run ( USA 1976)

City interior - Logans Run (1976) people 2If, in the future, we’re forced to live in an endless shopping mall and wear Christmas coloured baby doll dresses, maybe I’d want to die at 30. You might want to bring a book to watch this 2 hour sci-fi hit. Men wear Lycra shell-suits and women diaphanous mini-dresses with no brassiere. It is the 23rd century and every building and monorail looks glitzy and plastic. Perhaps living in a shopping mall is a good idea. This movie was actually filmed in one!

[Read more…]

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