The Red Room (H. G. Wells)


The Tingler (1959 USA)

tinglerThe Tingler (hopefully) works on a few levels. As a horror story at the base level, it’s a decent tale of a creature, fear and murder. The blood is minimal. There’s no gore and the language is clean. No nudity. No one is caught with their pants down, porking around in places where they shouldn’t be. As for Vincent Price, this maybe is one of his ten best performances. He manfully delivers each line of dialogue with an intensity worthy of Shakespeare.  [Read more…]


hhh3A bit about Miss Jackson might be in order, as the woman accurately reflected her writings. Jackson wrote “The Lottery,” the most controversial story ever published by The New Yorker Magazine. She was married to a teacher and had four children. Jackson was a devoted mother, interested in magic and witchcraft, and by all accounts a delightful hostess and witty conversationalist. [Read more…]

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