The Man In The High Castle (Philip K Dick)

bookThe alternate universe in which the Axis has won World War II just doesn’t feel right to its inhabitants. Could it be the prevailing Nazi ettiquette, the new social classification, or is it something altogether deeper? If you enjoy novels about World War II where the writer imagines different scenarios to those that actually took place, or indeed if you like “What ifs” about any historic event, then The Man in the High Castle may not disappoint you. [Read more…]


AMARCORD (Italy 1973/74)

0f30f03b9e25e702ff4d2b387f07ef8aTranslated as ‘I Remember’, the great Italian director Federico Fellini’s Amarcord is a series of slowly paced comedic vignettes that look back at his childhood in a 1930’s coastal town. Apart from the intertwining inhabitants, there is nothing thematically or even tonally linking the stories together. Much like memory itself, this requires patient sifting by the viewer. [Read more…]

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