Maze Of Death (Philip K Dick)

14 people end up in a settlement called Delmak-O. They don’t know why they are there, but the first arrivals are told to wait for the rest to appear before starting a tape that will contain the answers they so desperately desire. However, once everyone (save one member) has arrived, they find that the tape has been programmed to erase itself as it is played. So begins a tale of death, murder, and insanity. Slowly, surely, each member is murdered somehow… [Read more…]


Darker Than You Think (Jack Williamson)

williamsondarkerUnusual because it’s a werewolf story that isn’t just a werewolf story. The shape-shifters can take any form they can imagine, such as sabre-tooth tigers, anacondas, and others. And when transformed, they’re invisible, which makes them doubly formidable. Williamson offers a scientific explanation of this lycanthropic phenomena which is unconvincing, but imaginative. His werewolves exist not as a random force of nature, living only to kill and feed; no, they have a higher, more sinister purpose — to rule mankind. [Read more…]

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