Banned In San Francisco (and Brighton)

Why? Because just one listen has been known to melt soyboys on the spot while boosting testosterone levels by 500% for everyone else. This here is the real McCoy. The sort of music that makes you wish Dan Blocker was still alive, the sort of music that makes you wanna name your son Hoss, the sort of music that makes you wanna kick illegal immigrants where they really hurt… then do some real weird totally random sh*t like riding off into the sunset!


Perhaps Best Film Theme Of Them All

Once Upon A Time In The West (1968 Italy)

Picture-1041Leone had always been a director who packed his films with atmosphere, style and rhythmn, but here he organizes every single element to create one overwhelming mood. Everything in the film is geared towards reminding us of death, of a time coming to an end. The pace is slow and measured. The buildings are rickety and creaking, many of the minor characters and extras are old and look worn out, and the wind howls across the open spaces. [Read more…]

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