A Lovely Meditation


Inferno (1970 United Kingdom)

This was the final story in Jon Pertwee’s debut season and, although slow, it is the best of a series that, whilst an improvement on latter period Patrick Troughton, seemed a bit stilted and somewhat stuck. Not least because after a ruling by the Time Lords, Pertwee is stuck on earth to help Unit (a hush-hush military brigade headed by the Brigadier (Nicholas Courtney) and there is no time travel. This gave the whole 1970 season a ‘Quatermass’ vibe that is very cosy and British. The story concerns a mission at a research station to bore through the earth’s crust with a view to harnessing what lies beneath as a form of cheap energy. [Read more…]

Listen, Little Man! (Wilhelm Reich)

recihsWhat can a reader make of this? That is not an easy question to answer, you might struggle with it. This book is incredibly extreme rhetoric/propaganda. You can approach this book with or without any prior knowledge of Austrian psychoanalyst, Wilhelm Reich, and you will still probably find it powerful. [Read more…]

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