Spearhead From Space (1970 UK)

spearheadfromspace13Doctor Henderson: “How are you feeling?” The Doctor: “Shoes”. First appearances of Jon Pertwee and Caroline John as Doctor Three and Liz Shaw. First appearance of any colour. First appearance of the Autons… A lot of things depended on the success of this story. After the decline of public interest in the later Troughton era the Doctor Who production team had to find something new and interesting to bring the programme into the 1970s! [Read more…]


Horror Of Fang Rock (1977 Britain)

Rutan_over_the_lighthouseA wonderful story, you’d never guess it was a last minute rush job which was written to replace a story about vampires (which later became 1980’s State of Decay’), it’s very tightly constructed. The lighthouse setting is very well used. You can feel the Gothic vibration seeping all around you with each passing second.
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daemonsGood old Jon Pertwee, the most worried-sounding Doctor of them all. What a distinctive, caring voice he had, like many great British actors of that period. This story is one of the all time classic serials in the never ending sci-fi drama. It’s like someone has poured it through a sieve of Hammer Horror. The result is classy in a very low budget way. [Read more…]

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