Revenge Of The Manitou (Graham Masterton)

The 71 year old Edinburgh-born author has an unusual pedigree. He used to write sex books like How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed – 3 million copies of that one sold. He was also heavily involved as an editor for porn mags like Mayfair and Penthouse too. Then he became a prolifically successful horror novel writer. Interesting…anyway, this follow up to his earlier The Manitou is much more entertaining. At first I was leery as the book opened with the focus on an eight-year old protagonist, but I quickly warmed-up to Toby and the Fenner clan.  [Read more…]


Hour Of The Wolf (1968 Sweden)

377e5ed6652c3d56fb7e2c38d07cbc56I’ll start by saying I’m not that familiar with the work of director Ingmar Bergman. I found this film, at times, frustrating to sit through. But it still had some mesmeric pull over me. It wasn’t the characters or plot, but the striking images, gloomy Gothic setting, eerie atmosphere and its fine details. Pretty depressing is one way to put it though. [Read more…]

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