The Exorcist (William Peter Blatty)

“The Exorcist” is as superior to most books of its kind as an Einstein equation is to an accountant’s column of figures.”–New York Times.  How can I disagree with the world’s most famous rag? Not on this occasion. By the time I finished the final sentence I felt like a convalescing patient. My sanity stretched to the limit, gasping for relief, my hair literally standing on end. William Peter Blatty had achieved a dubious distinction for a fictional writer: he produced a novel that raped a generation. He’s left a traumatic, permanent mark on millions of people since 1971. He also wrote the filmed version too – traumatizing even more people who couldn’t be bothered reading the book. How dare he?! [Read more…]


QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (1967 United Kingdom)

lastronave degli esseri perduti 320x240It is difficult for me to post at this time (too busy) but here is one more. This may be the mother of all my film reviews. We are talking about cinema that grabs me by the hair. The amazing Nigel Kneale was England’s answer to Richard Matheson, and his powerful story is given the glossy Technicolour treatment by director Roy Ward Baker. [Read more…]

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