Jamaica Inn (Daphne Du Maurier)

du-maurier-bookAn atmospheric sinister tale. The main character, Mary, must confront the evil doings of her Uncle-in-Law Joss and find a way to bring him to justice while also sparing her downtrodden, nervous Aunt Patience. The story builds slowly as more and more is revealed of Jamaica Inn and Joss’s activities. When you think it can’t get worse, things definitely get worse. [Read more…]


Rebecca (1997 United Kingdom)

rebecca_03With this superb 1997 adaptation, you are able to see a more deeper version of both Max and the second Mrs. DeWinter’s characters played by Charles Dance and Emilia Fox. You see that they are in love in this version whereas in the Hitchcock version, it’s not so obvious. You also get a better sense of Mrs. Danvers’ character who you almost feel sorry for in this adaptation. Additionally, you’ll see a few glimpses of what the beautiful Rebecca might look like. [Read more…]

The House On The Strand (Daphne du Maurier) Book Review

220px-TheHouseOnTheStrandDick Young is staying at his friend Professor Magnus Lane’s house on the Cornish coast whilst he is in London, and is encouraged by him to try an experimental drug he is working on. The drug sends Dick back to the 14th century to experience life and intrigue in the local landowning families through the steward Roger Gylmirth. [Read more…]

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