While The City Sleeps (1956 USA)

Fritz Lang’s second to last American feature is one of his most cynical pieces of work, consisting of two plot threads deftly coiled together to create an ironic whole. When media mogul, Amos Kyne, dies his playboy son takes over the seat of power. But, knowing he is unable to manage such an organization, he decides to create an executive directorship just below his role to do all the real work and manage the company day by day. Meanwhile, a maniac–‘The Lipstick Killer’– is stalking the city, strangling young women in their homes. [Read more…]


NIGHT OF THE DEMON (1957 Britain)

night-of-the-demon-the-demonFifty eight years later and this is still riveting. Not many 1950s horror films you can say that about. Not many were made back then! It’s most memorable aspect is the particular enthusiasm it has in using light and shadow to create mood and effect. A stellar cinematic treasure. Jacques Tourneur’s greatest achievement. This film has a lot going for it:  [Read more…]

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