Ask The Dust (2006 USA)

1939. John Fante writes “Ask the Dust” about a young man embarking on a literary career. Years later a young Robert Towne voraciously devours Fante’s novels, most of which attempt to paint a portrait of early 20th century Los Angeles. Decades pass. Towne embarks on his own literary career. He scores big with his script for Roman Polanski’s “Chinatown”, a LA noir influenced and flavoured by Fante. Towne and Fante personally meet in the 1970s. Fante dies in 1983. Two decades later Towne adapts “Ask the Dust” for the screen… [Read more…]


Total Recall (2012 USA)

TotalRecallTotal Write-Off would have been a better title. And it was too soon. Maybe twenty two years too soon. What’s so sad for me is that the name of Philip K. Dick is associated with this. I’m pretty sure that if the great man were alive today his lawyers would have made sure that his name was not associated with this film in any way, shape or form whatsoever. This embarrassing effort, with its overbearing music, falls apart if you merely glance at it once. [Read more…]

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