Vampire Circus (1971 United Kingdom)

This is the most impressive vampire flick Hammer Studios produced during the 70s. The pre-credits sequence comes across as a mini-movie in itself. It contains murderous pedophilia, so let any new viewer beware. The year is 1810. The place is Serbia (I think). When the vampire Count Mitterhaus is destroyed by the villagers of Schtettel, his mistress, Anna Mueller, apparently dies with him. Fifteen years later the village is riven with plague. The Circus of Nights, led by an enigmatic gypsy woman, arrives to fulfill the Count’s dying curse.

Let the carnage begin… [Read more…]


The Circus Of Dr Lao (Charles G Finney)

circus-of-dr-laoThis is a truly extraordinary short novel. It packs into its 150 page length more commentary on human nature in both its sad and wonderful aspects than many authors would struggle to depict through vast volumes of work. I believe that in a just world this book would be considered among the paragons of American letters. Right up there with free-thinking luminaries like Mark Twain, who Finney indeed often calls to my mind while reading this. [Read more…]

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