Christmas At Tiffany’s (Karen Swan)

11352798Chick lit sounds like a vaguely obscene phrase but that is what this is. I found Karen Swan’s writing very easy to read and despite it being a fairly long book, I found it very consuming and really warmed to the cast of characters within. I think my favourite thing about this novel is that you really don’t know how its all going to end up, there are clues throughout but nothing to spoil it for the reader, and I appreciated that.
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One Hundred Proposals (Holly Martin)

One-Hundred-Proposals-by-Holly-MartinThis book, my first chick – lit review, is one for the optimist in all of us. I may even read another one from this author. So get out your passport – because with Holly Martin’s novel, you are about to go around the world in the search of the perfect proposal. The journey is filled with laughs, misunderstandings, and most of all, love between two people who are afraid to share that sentiment with each other. [Read more…]

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