“Gay, gay, useless, never use em…”


“That’s Long John Peter to you, port hole.”

Born in a mangler

“Punch a fish…make a wish.”

The Venture Bros (USA 2003 – )

Some adult cartoons like modern Family Guy just try to disgust their audience to show how “edgy” they are. True, we get into some pretty dark territory with the Venture Bros every now and then, but it never really goes too far. It portrays the characters realistically and never has them try to gross out the viewers. We really do see character development and more of a story go on. Every character has their own quirks, and it’s too hard for me to pick a favourite one. [Read more…]

“I pee standin’ up, son…”

“One lie led to another…”

“My fellas haven’t reached the End Zone in 12 years…”

“I was fourteen…”

The Wisdom of Homer Simpson

I’m not a Simpsons fan. Never seen an entire episode. Yet this 7 second dissing of Led Zeppelin’s guitar man & his reputation for musical theft – tickled my fancy. But let’s keep it real here: heavy metal’s greatest band improved on every composition they grabbed hold of.

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