The Howling (1981 USA)

howlin The humour may be the most widely regarded facet of this furry tale. However, in the end this is a horror film, and a damn scary one, largely because it never gets carried away with the comedic elements. Director Joe Dante, who at this point was best known for the cult classic, Piranha, updated werewolf folklore by applying it to two of the more popular horror trends of the time: female paranoia, and the fear of non-urban environments. [Read more…]


THE BIRDS (1963 United States)

the-birds“The Birds Is Coming!” screamed the promotional posters in the spring of 1963. Indeed. They came, they cawed, they conquered. No, seriously. Watching this really ruffles my feathers. Tippi Hedren is a little wooden and is caked in soft focus to mask her bland acting. The initial storyline sees her stalking Rod Taylor all the way from San Francisco to Bodega Bay. She goes to a lot of trouble just to get into a bloke’s pants, doesn’t she? What a skank! [Read more…]

CHINATOWN (1974 United States)

faye“You’ve seen it all years ago”, my ex-wife liked to say. “Why would you wanna see it again?” Like many of you, I feel like I have seen too much, but what the hell. If this blog is my second wife then I have to heed her call to “fill me up!” You, the voters, need something new to read, right? Never mind the spoilers, here’s the review… [Read more…]

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