The House In Nightmare Park (1973 Britain)

the-house-in-nightmare-park-frankie-howerd-oakley-court-1973I’m glad you asked. No, don’t laugh. Poor Francis. Thrice nay and nay thrice etc for fans who know of the great man. “I hope your whip shrivels!” is my favourite line from this British Old Dark House comedy fronted by a comedy legend in Frankie Howerd. If you like the formula and have a penchant for Howerd’s type of humour then there’s enough here to entertain you. Watching this I found it hard to keep my titters in, especially the big ones. [Read more…]


The City Of The Dead (1960 UK)

cl1960 was a bumper year for horror cinema – “Psycho” “Black Sunday” “Peeping Tom” & “The House of Usher” etc. This very low budget release is the sort of thing just meant for midnight viewing. “The City of the Dead” has a title that is a little of a misnomer, as we’re dealing here with a small town – a village, really – rather than a city. Alternative title “Horror Hotel” may be more apropos. This setting is a back of beyond kind of place, existing in an absolutely fog – drenched dimension of its own. Time seems to stand still here, or it goes backwards. [Read more…]

QUATERMASS AND THE PIT (1967 United Kingdom)

lastronave degli esseri perduti 320x240It is difficult for me to post at this time (too busy) but here is one more. This may be the mother of all my film reviews. We are talking about cinema that grabs me by the hair. The amazing Nigel Kneale was England’s answer to Richard Matheson, and his powerful story is given the glossy Technicolour treatment by director Roy Ward Baker. [Read more…]


Curse_of_the_crimson_altar_posterAh 1968, the year that keeps turning up all over these film reviews. The year quite a lot happened actually. Although this is strictly a B movie in terms of quality, it is one of the most colourfully entertaining products that came out of England from that era. Images from this motion picture keep turning up in those books written by Jonathan Rigby and David Pirie. [Read more…]

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