The Cellar (Richard Laymon)

Some say the best things in life are free while others say you have to pay an admission fee. Richard Laymon books are somewhere in between. Its nice to pick them up at the library but I don’t really mind paying either. Providing they are cheap and easy in some bargain bin…I love the fact that Laymon can make even the most overly used clichés seem new to the reader. I knew exactly what was coming, yet I didn’t. Stock characters are going to get themselves in over their heads in a creepy town with a history of people who ‘just go missing’. And yes, everyone’s gonna go into this demonic, evil house (at night) when they know they shouldn’t. [Read more…]


The Bridge Over The River Kwai (Pierre Boulle)

KwaiBoulle1b-193x300From the man who gave us Planet Of The Apes. First published in France in 1952, Monsieur Boulle called upon his own memories of being a captive of the Japanese in Malaysia, and how certain French officers were collaborators. (nothing new there!) But seriously, its one thing to have written two successful novels in different genres, but to have both made into iconic movies – in another language no less – is truly remarkable. [Read more…]

Tom’s Midnight Garden (Philippa Pearce)

51RkdLyEy7L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_A mysterious novel about a boy sent to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in a flat whilst his brother recovers from illness. He is disappointed to discover the flat has no garden. But after hearing the grandfather clock in the hall striking 13 in the night, he explores and discovers an amazing garden and its inhabitants who only reveal themselves at night.
[Read more…]

SALEM’S LOT (1979 United States) Television review

salemslotshadows5First let me suggest you see the original TV miniseries version if at all possible. The “movie” version (for European theatres) is severely cut. The remaining pieces don’t fit together and leave gaping holes (such as, “what happened to Susan?”) Now you know which dvd to buy, if you were tossing up, lets move on. A cool 4 million dollars (big bucks back then) was spent on this production and it shows. You wish it could go on even longer, its that good. [Read more…]

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