10 (1979 United States)

Around October 1979–when this flick first appeared in theatres all over the western world–a buzz had been created. Firstly, Bo Derek’s hair do became an unfortunate fashion trend. Secondly, Dudley Moore became a very unlikely sex symbol/sex dwarf. Thirdly, Ravel’s “Bolero” became the music to make love to. In other words, if you were over eighteen you just had to see this this motion picture or you were considered a square, baby. What was all the buzz about? The young lady who played the titular role, that’s what. But was she really a ten? [Read more…]


The Party (1968 United States)

theparty_titlePeter Sellers plays a hapless actor of East Indian heritage (a white actor blacking up is frowned upon in these p.c. times, though he almost never treats the character in a demeaning way) who makes an unforgivable mistake on a movie set, causing him to be banned from the industry – “You’ll never work in this town again!” as the cliche goes. [Read more…]

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