A View From A Hill (2005 United Kingdom)

In the 1970s the BBC used to include a ghost story, usually by Dickens or M.R. James, in their Christmas schedules. They dropped the habit later on, but this millennium saw them reboot the series again from time to time. Here is one of the better examples. Directed by Luke Watson, this goes back to the series’ roots; the period setting instantly lends itself a quality and timeless feel, meaning it’s very hard to pin point and define exactly when it was made. [Read more…]


Earth Flight (BBC 2011)

Six one hour segments about birds and their habitats and migratory patterns throughout the world. The narration by David Tennant and the music are both just fine. However, the video quality is something the likes of which I have never before seen on any screen, projected or otherwise. The definition of this video seen on a 51″ plasma screen from a distance of 7 or 8 feet is positively astounding. Particularly with Blu-Ray. The first five programs are on birds of six continents: North America, Africa, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. The sixth episode shows details of how these extraordinary images were produced. [Read more…]

Let Them Eat Cake (1999 UK)

dawn fIt’s 1782 and welcome to the fabulous Palace of Versailles, France. Outside the gates, the peasants are on the verge of revolting (already well past vile), whilst inside lives one of the most hated, despised and loathed women in all of France – no, not Marie Antoinette – but Columbine, the Comtesse De Vache. Aided by her slutty maid Lisette, Columbine skulks around the palace uncovering the dark secrets of her fellow nobles. [Read more…]

The Talons Of Weng-Chiang (1977 UK)

d w 2If there is one genre the BBC used to do so well in the 70s it was the costume drama and perhaps this is why this eccentric gem is the peak of classic Dr Who. It is set in the foggy streets of Victorian London where the deerstalker-wearing Fourth Doctor and Leela are searching for the abductor of young women; okay, so far so cliched. What is lurking in the sewers? Well, a very big cuddly rat that screams like a bitch for starters…
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All Creatures Great And Small (1978 – 1990 Britain)

acgasJames Herriot came to Yorkshire as a young vet looking for his first job, and despite being Scottish, made the place his own. This classic TV series is full of gorgeous countryside, cosy fireside chats, home cooking and warm nostalgia. It makes you yearn for the 1930s/40s; relaxing in the sitting room while Neville Chamberlain speaks through the wireless. [Read more…]

A History Of Scotland (2008 Britain)

Kilchurn CastleA ten part series packed with info about Britain’s northern most country. I don’t know if is all factual but it is interesting. Neil Oliver walks over wind-swept green countryside, talking over his shoulder at times about plenty of bloodthirsty, malevolent events that Scots people have suffered down the centuries. This is a romantic, dramatic and turbulent history. [Read more…]

Horror Of Fang Rock (1977 Britain)

Rutan_over_the_lighthouseA wonderful story, you’d never guess it was a last minute rush job which was written to replace a story about vampires (which later became 1980’s State of Decay’), it’s very tightly constructed. The lighthouse setting is very well used. You can feel the Gothic vibration seeping all around you with each passing second.
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