Infinite Tuesday

So what made Nesmith stand apart from his three fellow cast/bandmates? How did he manage not to allow the two years he spent on a TV show about a fake rock band define the 48 years that followed? How did he become the one Monkee it was acceptable to dig? Musician. Actor. Businessman. Producer. Novelist. Philanthropist. Inventor of MTV. Composer. Old Dude. How did he find the time? I was put off by the book cover initially, thinking the normal thing for an autobiography would be an author’s selfie. One would think it would generate more sales and be more eye catching for Monkees/Nesmith fans. [Read more…]


The Undisputed Truth (Mike Tyson with Larry Sloman)

Despite being a boxing fan I never believed the Tyson hype, and his army of fan boys seem more like groupies. Firstly, I want to point out a few facts about his career. Before he went to jail he ducked George Foreman. After prison he avoided David Tua, Riddick Bowe, Ray Mercer & Oliver McCall (all these guys had iron chins despite some lapses in technique) and even paid Lennox Lewis 4 million dollars to not fight. Yes, he fought Lewis 6 years later – predictably getting his ass handed to him – but my point is, when Tyson knew an opponent was of the dangerous strong-willed variety, he refused to fight them. ‘Iron’ Mike indeed.
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