The Parallax View (1974 USA)

At 12:30pm, 22 November 1963, Jewish rag trade man Abraham Zapruder shot his JFK film from one angle of Dealey Plaza, Dallas — and 12 other people also shot film or photos at the moments of assassination, all from different angles (or points of view). Not to mention the many other people who were present that day to witness it, who also saw things from their own point of view. Some folks saw movement in the grassy knoll, others didn’t. The Parallax View states that many conspiracies work because relatively few people are in on the whole joke; some are involved in the set up, some in the telling, and some in the punchline, but only a precious few are given the whole picture, making detection almost impossible.  [Read more…]


Death Of A President (William Manchester)

47843This old and rather musty smelling book takes the reader on a painstaking – and possibly stomach churning – journey encompassing six days in the autumn of 1963 (November 20-25). With an incredible amount of facts and rarely revealed tidbits of information concerning the shocking murder of JFK popping up on nearly every page. [Read more…]

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