The Mummy (Anne Rice)

The_Mummy_coverRice started writing paranormal romance before it was in style. The Mummy has the perfect mix of tragedy, romance, history and emotion that she pulls off so well, without any extra flab added to the story. Compared to her other novels, The Mummy is incredibly short, with my version only being 398 pages. They fly by at the speed of sound. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I’ve always loved ancient Egypt and have been fascinated by Ramses the Great. [Read more…]


The Wolf Gift (The Wolf Chronicles) Anne Rice

d459eea0860ca2fdb481b8d63b880d1eAnne Rice is master of re-creating age-old myths and re-presenting them for a modern age. Yet she always manages to avoid the modern day tendency to clean up, water down or make pretty that we often find in other attempts to re-write the gothic horrors. The hero in this book remains a hero even after he’s taken on the personality of a Man Wolf. [Read more…]

PRINCE LESTAT The Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)

edinburgh-castle-duskOpen this novel and you will be swept away into imagining times long ago, far away places, beautiful immortals, contemplating social, political, even scientific issues. You get to live inside the head of some truly tragic beings who somehow still find the strength to see the wonder of life all around them. [Read more…]


514pzxgeO3LThe story begins in a café in present day Paris. David Talbot, Lestat’s fledgling and chronicler of the Undead, requests Pandora’s history. Her story is about the survival of a highly educated, independent woman born in the time of Augustus Caesar. It is about how she is attracted to mysticism and finally vampirism. And how she must fight for her soul. [Read more…]


51y8KkBmGeL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The author is in fine form here. I have read a few books by Ms Rice but this one has made the deepest impression on me to date. This is the tale of the Mayfair witches: from their genesis long ago right up to the present. You won’t find a better witchcraft saga than this. Of course the drama doesn’t end on the last page. Within a crumbling mansion in New Orleans’ Garden District, a woman sits on a rocker, drugged into a vegetative state by her relatives. [Read more…]

THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED (Vampire Chronicles #3) Anne Rice

49348After the somewhat unsavoury beginning, the book unfolds in an original structure. The first part consists indeed of many short stories, literally, where everything seems to converge towards Lestat’s impending concert. [Read more…]


n11544“And Guido perceived that when the woman is taken out of an entire realm of life that must need to imitate the world itself, then some substitute for that woman is inevitable. Something must rise to take the place of what is feminine. [Read more…]

THE VAMPIRE LESTAT: Vampire Chronicles no 2 (Anne Rice)


The book takes you through an entire life, one spanning the centuries amid numerous cultural revolutions. Such an extravagant backdrop is the only thing worthy of a larger than life-and-death protagonist like Lestat. [Read more…]


41fG5TgY0lLI had minimal experience with Anne Rice before reading this novel. My tastes have changed somewhat so I decided to reacquaint myself with Rice’s work. On the back cover of the paperback, there is a quote from the Boston Globe which reads “If you surrender and go with her, you have surrendered to enchantment, as in a voluptuous dream”. [Read more…]

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