Carnal Knowledge (1971 USA)

Bobbie: “The reason I sleep all day is because I can’t stand my life!”

Jonathon: “What life?!”

Bobbie: “Sleeping all day!…I need a life.”

Jonathon: “Get a job!”

Bobbie: “I don’t want a job. I want you.”

Jonathon: “I’m taken, by me! Get out of the house, do something useful, Goddammit.” There are some real funny one liners if you can stay awake. Carnal Knowledge, directed by Mike Nichols, from a script by cartoonist Jules Feiffer, is a dud without a single likable or really interesting character. Nichols’ film is a series of cartoon panels with no sense of any life surrounding the characters. Nichols appears to have been influenced by the films of Bergman and Antonioni though he lacks their brilliance. His reach exceeded his grasp. The result is an attempt at what was hoped to be a genre that never materialized: American art cinema. [Read more…]


The Cincinnanati Kid (1965 USA)

cincigray-cl1-jktcu“To be the man, you got to beat the man.” You can learn so much from this shameless audience pleaser. Like how to make the wrong move at the right time. Poker can be a fascinating ‘holy’ game, and it therefore makes a strong base for a film. How could this not be great entertainment? Particularly with the big guns Hollywood has on display here: Steve McQueen, Ann-Margret, Edward G Robinson, Rip Torn etc. Plus a soulfully tense theme song belted out by Ray Charles. Its a winning hand. You just gotta know how to hold em & fold em. [Read more…]

MAGIC (1978 United States)

158854198_9fcafdI will begin by saying that I think most so-called horror films today are flat-out laughable or just offensive. They usually (though not always) contain overdone visual effects, shallow vulgar characters, weak cast, a high body count of people we never got to know, etc. [Read more…]

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