Full Metal Jacket (1987 USA/UK)

full m jFlaming fudge packs. I’m already suffering flash backs. The film that spawned a legendary catchphrase that shames oriental women everywhere. But this review won’t love you long time. I won’t even charge you five bucks for lookee lookee. Like reading a history book, watching an occasional war movie is good for the soul. It puts one’s problems in perspective. But this is the Magical Mystery Tour of war cinema – like Paul McCartney, all Stanley Kubrick did was bung the following onto a pie chart: 1) Basic training. 2) Suddenly in Vietnam and lulled into a false sense of security. 3) A heavy firefight for the denouement. [Read more…]


Wilt (Tom Sharpe)

articleCompellingly hilarious from start to finish. Tom Sharpe was a great British humourist and Wilt is possibly his best loved book. Sharpe drew on his experiences as a polytechnic lecturer in conceiving the character of hapless and unhappily married Henry Wilt, who spends his days teaching Lord of the Flies to disinterested apprentice butchers and his nights fantasizing about killing his less than sympathetic wife, Eva. [Read more…]

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