“Punch a fish…make a wish.”


“One lie led to another…”

C’mon, You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Wrote A Few Checks With His Mouth…

You Don’t Mess With A Man’s Dream

American Dad (2005 – 2016 USA)

ADTheOneThatGotAwayOne of my favourite TV shows, just slightly behind King Of The Hill when it comes to adult cartoon comedies. The cream on this particular cake is Roger the Alien: he is the most obnoxious, dramatic, and careless character on this show. He’s a drug addict, alcoholic, cross-dresser that loves acting and pretending to be other people. A lovable sociopath. He comes off as more feminine than masculine and literally has to complain and insult others to survive. Let’s have a tiny taste of a few of his many greatest moments…. [Read more…]


74376130John Lennon’s favourite film…or so I heard. The soon to be ex-Beatle used to pay complete strangers the price of their cinema ticket. He knew visual poetry up there on the silver screen when he saw it. Or did he?  I’m not sure whether this flick can be classified as British or American. Its budget was huge and the making of this took three painstaking years. [Read more…]

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