GONE WITH THE WIND (United States 1939)

gone-with-the-wind-poster-at-taraI’m impressed with how this can hold the attention of a viewer 76 years on. GWTW has taken a beating from film critics and historians alike. The characters are often described as cardboard-ish; portions of the film are described as excessively melodramatic; some of the special effects (most notably the film’s occasional use of rear-view projections) have dated. [Read more…]


Mysterious Island (1961 UK/USA)

mysterious-islandA vivid re-telling of the Jules Verne novel, with changes made necessary by the change to the medium of film. The women do not appear in the book. A love interest was necessary. Perhaps I should say a thigh interest, judging by Beth Rogan’s lack of modest dress here. [Read more…]


e11d9f07-41ba-41fd-ac5c-489297fb4219The author layers a psychological battle over a physical one. This book chronicles in slow motion the metamorphosis of a naive farm boy, as he comes of age during the American Civil War. This introspective tale of brutal initiation into military chaos is hard work, despite its apparent brevity. [Read more…]

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