Don’t Make The Black Kids Angry – The Hoax Of Black Victimization (Colin Flaherty)

book-cover“Without racism. Without rancor. And without apology.” This is Colin’s mantra. Politically correct liberals don’t want this information exposed because it doesn’t fit their pro-Black/ anti-White, agenda. With that in mind, many of the links Flaherty has in this book don’t work because YouTube has removed Flaherty’s account because he dares to speak the truth. But there are still numerous videos of Colin giving us the cold, hard facts. In a non-Western country these black teenage gangs would be called terrorists. In Western nations our Cultural Communist media label these thugs as misunderstood ‘victims’. [Read more…]


LIVE AND LET DIE (Ian Fleming)

a045c6354116a6a3d907c46f16fa055cThe second James Bond novel  established the format in ways that were largely followed in the films also: Bond is briefed by M about an enemy agent (in this case, Mr Big) and sent abroad to break the SMERSH operation. In the course of this New York – Florida – Jamaican adventure, Bond encounters an assortment of villains, henchmen and beautiful women. [Read more…]

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