Some Kind Of Beautiful (2014 USA)

A breezily sentimental romantic comedy in which everybody is hateful to one another. Look past its colourful, smooth surfaces and something corrosive emerges. And it’s not like the film isn’t aware of this. But it doesn’t really know what to do with it. The movie’s well cast, though. Pierce Brosnan plays Richard, a Cambridge English professor who when we first meet him is carrying on his father’s legacy of lecturing to adoring co-eds about the Romantic Age while humping them after class. One of those co-eds, Kate (Jessica Alba), has snared him. [Read more…]


Force Majeure (2014 Sweden)

pegasus_LARGE_t_1581_106451741Yet another European tale about the hidden misery of the bored and comfortable. Force Majeure requires some patience, but if you’re immune to the slow, steady, painfully long-take language of auteurs such as Aki Kaurismaki, then you are sure to be in good hands. At least its far more realistic than what Hollywood considers a disaster picture. Thank goodness. [Read more…]

PRINCE LESTAT The Vampire Chronicles (Anne Rice)

edinburgh-castle-duskOpen this novel and you will be swept away into imagining times long ago, far away places, beautiful immortals, contemplating social, political, even scientific issues. You get to live inside the head of some truly tragic beings who somehow still find the strength to see the wonder of life all around them. [Read more…]

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