House Of Cards (1990 – 1995 United Kingdom)

house-of-cards-500x271This is almost 11 hours (4 DVD’s) worth of top quality entertainment. The viewer’s life grinds to a halt to digest each segment. This is the kind of drama that makes the BBC world-famous. Nothing can beat it. The Americans wish they could create modern Shakespearean tragedies like this, but they lack the breeding and pedigree of an old world country. So is it worth buying, renting, borrowing or stealing? To quote the Right Honourable Francis Urquhart MP, “you might very well think that but I couldn’t possibly comment!” [Read more…]


BACKFLASH ( Richard Stark)

backflash-parker-18“The best place to hide money is in somebody else’s house.” Apart from some banking tips like this, it’s the sheer simplicity of the Parker character, and his shenanigans, that keep me riveted from the first page to the last. As always, I imagine an unsmiling, impatient Lee Marvin as Mr P. Though there are a few mentions of the passage of time, these novels exist somewhat outside the present: not stuck in the past but also not too aware of the present. [Read more…]

The Fugitive (1993 USA)

fugitivewideThere are some films which are pretty much perfect (for what they are). ‘The Fugitive’s’ beauty lies in its simplicity (not to mention the excellent performances from its two main stars). If you like thrillers, if you like tension, if you like mystery or you just like either/or Harrison Ford or Tommy Lee Jones then you’re in for a treat. In fact, if you like good films in general you really should check it out. Despite its two-hour running time, it flies by. [Read more…]

Breakdown (1997 United States)

breakdownWhen this was released there was talk of writer/director Johnathan Mostow being the new Spielberg. I have to confess that if you want to compare him to anyone then James Cameron would be the best comparison. Cameron is a director who works best with tight scripts and small budgets, and ironically Mostow went on to direct Terminator 3 . [Read more…]

A Scanner Darkly (Philip K. Dick)

4798509311_fa145ba0c2The work of a mature writer – and is as close as the author came to writing a mainstream novel. The sci-fi elements are discreet: the novel is set in the future, but this is the California of an imagined 1994 that is very similar to that of 1977, which is this book’s original year of publication. [Read more…]

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