This version is the real ****


“I can really feel the heat now…Nu Yawk!”

“Scarred for life, no compensation…”

“If you wanna squeal to the FBI…”

Great Album Cover, Great Song

What else does this standout from the early 80s have going for it? Great bass line, great melody, great saxophone solo, great title, great surrealistic lyrics, great sweaty intensity…

If I Could Go Back In Time…

Something to Tide You Over (1982 Creepshow USA)

cap016My favourite story from the popular box office hit that contained four others in a portmanteau format. There is something uniquely creepy about a cold deserted beach with a ghostly wind blowing. Nicely named too: Comfort Point. It looks and feels so desolate. [Read more…]

The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas (1982 USA)

65096f8950c426fb5f58346b28083bc0For sheer effrontery I don’t know who is more shameless: the title, Dolly Parton or me for showcasing the image above. But Dolly can project (among other things) sheer joy to the viewer with her bubbly persona. Thanks to her enthusiasm for the role as a brothel madam, this became the biggest musical success of 1980s cinema. [Read more…]

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