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Star Wars: A New Hope (1977)

George Lucas remade one of the finest works of film master Akira Kurosawa, the Western-themed “Hidden Fortress,” with one scene (the fight in the bar) stolen from Yojimbo. Therefore, Star Wars  has a bit of the jittery discomfort of characters trying to fit into a story that wasn’t quite made for them, like people with past life experiences that intrude into the present. Kurosawa’s hero is split not into two but three heroes in Star Wars (four if you include the princess, who has a more prominent role in Star Wars. It is frankly too bad that Star Wars later fell into the hands of Disney and JJ Abrams, becoming a tool solely for cashing in, and a line item on someone’s accounting ledger, but I guess that is probably the way the wafer crumbles in Hollywood. I simply choose to ignore the boring new films… [Read more…]

One Of Her Biggest Hits

“She was biting her lip…”

Falconer (John Cheever)

So here then is John Cheever’s great penal novel. Or should I say, penile novel. Yes, yes, the pun is too obvious to be anything but unfunny. But it’s just shouting from the eaves to be thrust into the spotlight. This is primarily because one cannot turn a page without finding cocks, balls, erections, ejaculations, peckers, dicks, tumescences, foreskins, pissings, and yes, at least one anal intrusion by a phallic object. What would I expect, I suppose, from a prison novel? I’ve heard that song by Tool. I’ve seen Oz. I know what goes on there (or so I’ve heard). [Read more…]

Never Judge A Song By The Callow Youths Who Perform It

I have finally hunted down this version of the Cream’s classic song from 1967. This version came out ten years later by an Irish band. I didn’t want to inflict a video of them in front of your eyes because they all look 16, and the singer has a dildo inside his trousers. (Deep breath) Anyway, back to this track. It kicks Eric Clapton’s effort out of the water, down the stairs & into the gutter. I am slightly creeped out by some of the backing though. I mean in a good way. There are strange sounds here that actually make me tingle and vibrate with anticipation…Oh, please!...don’t laugh.

I Shot The Sheriff (Orchestra Montego)

This has a bit more of a raucous beat to it. I heard this version as a child and thought it would be easy to find on You Tube. Was I wrong. Ten years of searching later and I found it by chance. It helps if you know the artist’s name. Possibly recorded in a shooting gallery.

Confessions From A Holiday Camp (1977 UK)

confessions from a holiday campTwas the first day of August, a Monday I believe, when a momentous event in the annals of cinematic history took place. The Confessions film series bid a fond farewell to the public. Knickers down, trousers unzipped, so tawdry and gleefully smutty, on display for one final glorious outpouring. This was a franchise with a bigger box office than James Bond in England. Surely it had to give something worthwhile to the viewer? Apart from VD. [Read more…]

The Pack (1977 USA)

film 1It’s more effective than the movie “Dogs” which was also released in that busy period, post-“Jaws”, when a number of films about nature attacking man like this were coming out. Every year, usually during summer time, you hear depressing reports about pets that are dumped, either tied up to trees or simply thrown out of driving cars, whilst the owners go on vacation and just don’t ever look back on them. [Read more…]

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