“Wonder what tomorrow brings…”


“I may be an angel in disguise…”

“Let my spirit carry me…”

Assault On Precinct 13 (1976 USA)

Labelled an “auteur” by the French and a “bum” by his compatriots, John Carpenter will never get the acclaim of a Spielberg or a Hitchcock. I’m siding with the Americans…The best thing about “Assault” is its bare-bones construction. There’s precious little backstory, no real explanation for the heinous actions of the gang members, no extraneous “character development” for the protagonists, no scenes where they talk about how they have a wife and kids at home or are retiring tomorrow, and very few cutaways from the main action once it gets going (the lone exception being a few sequences with a couple of clueless cops patrolling the neighbourhood who keep missing the siege on the supposedly abandoned precinct). [Read more…]

A Pretty Tune

Logan’s Run ( USA 1976)

City interior - Logans Run (1976) people 2If, in the future, we’re forced to live in an endless shopping mall and wear Christmas coloured baby doll dresses, maybe I’d want to die at 30. You might want to bring a book to watch this 2 hour sci-fi hit. Men wear Lycra shell-suits and women diaphanous mini-dresses with no brassiere. It is the 23rd century and every building and monorail looks glitzy and plastic. Perhaps living in a shopping mall is a good idea. This movie was actually filmed in one!

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