The Long Goodbye (Raymond Chandler)

The Long Goodbye is widely considered Raymond Chandler’s swan song to arguably literature’s greatest detective. Often cited as the gold standard in crime fiction, this one snapped up the Edgar Award for best novel in 1955, is listed on countless “best of” compilations, and has influenced a generation of mystery and crime writers. It’s been noted that a few of the characters in the novel were used as a way for Chandler to clear his mind. He used them to express his innermost thoughts on the state of society, his frustrations as a writer and his internal struggle with whether or not he should commit suicide. [Read more…]


THE BIG SLEEP (1946 United States)

big sleep 1The Big Sleep’s greatest strength is its delightfully droll dialogue. This film almost defies plot analysis but it doesn’t really matter. It is enjoyable whether you are watching for the first or fiftieth time. Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe was a frequent sufferer at the hands of cops and hoods and in many ways a loser. Humphrey Bogart’s masculine charisma on the big screen turned him into a winner. [Read more…]

All Creatures Great And Small (1978 – 1990 Britain)

acgasJames Herriot came to Yorkshire as a young vet looking for his first job, and despite being Scottish, made the place his own. This classic TV series is full of gorgeous countryside, cosy fireside chats, home cooking and warm nostalgia. It makes you yearn for the 1930s/40s; relaxing in the sitting room while Neville Chamberlain speaks through the wireless. [Read more…]

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