I’ve Slowed Down Posting On This Blog

Because of a four day holiday and now I have dental problems that will take some time to sort out. 2017 has been a tough year. Apologies to those hoping to see something new everyday. 🙂


Time For A Poem

Its Taken 2 Years And….

500 Posts

Congratulations on writing 500 posts on High Tea Dreams

Thank You WordPress.com

p1000632I have been informed that today is the second anniversary of highteadreams. Funnily enough the first two posts are not there for March 4, 2015 as one was re-posted a few months later in longer form while the other got deleted. Not sure if anyone visited the blog that first day. Back then it was daunting to know there was so much space to fill. I can’t say the 2 years have flown by but I want to point out that there are 488 posts to look at/read now so there is more than just the Home Page to explore. I appreciate every visitor for stopping by. Much thanks to everyone, plus a special thank you to WordPress for giving all of us bloggers this platform.

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