He has a certain set of skills…


“Gay, gay, useless, never use em…”

“That’s Long John Peter to you, port hole.”

“Bruce Wayne lives in Batman’s attic…”

Seven Smackers On The Lips

Born in a mangler

“Punch a fish…make a wish.”

“We’re gonna trolley you in the league…”

Hilarious Adverts From The Good Old Days

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“She’s mine for the price of a drink…”

Paul McCartney makes a fool of himself while Harrison Ford – despite being smashed out of his gourd with booze – proves he’s cooler than the man who wrote Ebony And Ivory. One more attribute to be added to his long and illustrious CV. Don’t think HF appreciates being shoulder grabbed by an Angela Lansbury doppelgänger either. Those god damned limeys!

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