Wrote A Few Checks With His Mouth…

You Don’t Mess With A Man’s Dream

When One Dude Can’t Finish The Job

And is more interested in feeling up his employer, rather than zipping her up, let a second back up dancer have a go. I hope the first guy was fired after his epic fail. Seriously, there is no other reason to go to a Britney Spears concert than to witness her wardrobe malfunctions. As for her Smurf-like ‘music’ – I’d rather listen to the sound of an old geezer taking a piss.

Les Tossers (See The Last 3 Convicts Shipped To Australia)

Pete n Dud “The Psychiatrist”

Banned On The Run

Lets listen in to what these two big shot celebrities thought was a private conversation. Thank you to Mr Putin (Russia’s biggest Beatle fan) for releasing this video to counter all the fake news that swirls around us. Or maybe this was leaked by a former American president with the initials B O? In case you didn’t know, Stevie Riks is the best impersonator of rock stars without a doubt. He is just as accurate with non-rock stars too as his Trump performance shows. This isn’t the first time he’s been Paul McCartney wimping out during a phone call either. (sniff) I have to say that. (sniff) I would be a bad person if I didn’t. (sniff) Then I’d have to ban myself from this blog. (sniff) Don’t laugh. (sniff) Cocaine is not a joking matter.

What Were They Watching On TV 53 Years Ago?

Shows like this one, based around a big celebrity name. Like Judy Garland. Rich Little has to be one of the best impersonators ever. I know most but not quite all the old stars that he runs through. My favourite impression here is probably the James Mason one. I like the snoring sound he makes in his nostrils before he launches into Alfred Hitchcock. He even slips in a Boris Karloff lisp. If you want to miss the corny opening start the clip around 1:00 mark.


Diga “Pechos”

One of my favourite skits from A Bit Of Fry & Laurie. Stephen at his deadly best: whimsically browbeating and confounding Hugh once again. The world needs more doctors like this.

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