Soulful George!

My Dream Hootenanny

This was the shindig to end all shindigs. This here is a real life hoedown. She was probably more than 200 pounds though. Surely enough woman for about twenty men. The Jerry Lee Lewis fireworks on the keyboard comes at 3:39 into the video. I admit that her tits play the piano better than my fingers do. She must have had a good music teacher. RIP Candye Kane.

If I Could Go Back In Time…

When The Moon Is In The Seventh House

After A Week Of Flunking And Bunking School…

Cut The Applause And Dim The Light…

One Of The Best From 1982

These Birds Could Sing

“We Torked and torked unteel it wos light…”

“…why doa feel dis payen, I fought we torked eet aht.” The most Cockney band ov em all, guv. They showed us a good music vid did not need to cost an arm or a leg. They could be churned out as cheap as chips down at your local Arm & Leg. What better pub band in Britain was there than Madness? And who else had a lead singer with the genius name of Suggs? His angry twitching and jerking is probably the most threatening stage act of any singer ever. That bobbing forehead gets awfully close to the cameraman. Its nearly a Liverpool kiss.

A Bitchin’ New Tune (In 1966)

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