Banned In San Francisco (and Brighton)

Why? Because just one listen has been known to melt soyboys on the spot while boosting testosterone levels by 500% for everyone else. This here is the real McCoy. The sort of music that makes you wish Dan Blocker was still alive, the sort of music that makes you wanna name your son Hoss, the sort of music that makes you wanna kick illegal immigrants where they really hurt… then do some real weird totally random sh*t like riding off into the sunset!


Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta

No time for a new review…

So what about musik? (Plus more vids to gradually change the blog’s front page from showing the same old stuff) And what’s better than revisiting an ELO tune while strange women jiggle around? Nothing. Exactly. Even Homer Simpson wouldn’t kick this one off his ipod…

“Gordon’s alive!…”

This version is the real ****

“We went to Bali, saw God and Dali…”

A song about a witch…

“They know you ain’t home…”

70’s urban nightmare of paranoia, shadowy agents, surveillance etc. Heavy rythmn guitar phasing clashes with jazzy bass grooves that are almost creepy and surreal. Mick (I like the way he stretches out the word tel e phone) is even rapping before there was rap. Ominous!

This is so 1971 it hurts.

Deep Purple never grabbed me like Led Zeppelin did, but repeated listening to their riffy/high pitched hysterical wailing can be fun. The most British heavy metal kings of them all, with funky keyboards and no phony American accents like Robert Plant or Mick Jagger used to do.

“I can really feel the heat now…Nu Yawk!”

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