This version is the real ****


“We went to Bali, saw God and Dali…”

A song about a witch…

“They know you ain’t home…”

70’s urban nightmare of paranoia, shadowy agents, surveillance etc. Heavy rythmn guitar phasing clashes with jazzy bass grooves that are almost creepy and surreal. Mick (I like the way he stretches out the word tel e phone) is even rapping before there was rap. Ominous!

This is so 1971 it hurts.

Deep Purple never grabbed me like Led Zeppelin did, but repeated listening to their riffy/high pitched hysterical wailing can be fun. The most British heavy metal kings of them all, with funky keyboards and no phony American accents like Robert Plant or Mick Jagger used to do.

“I can really feel the heat now…Nu Yawk!”

“Wonder what tomorrow brings…”

A Magical Tune

An Elusive Song

“It’s as cold as hell…”

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