“This is a serious matter…”

What an amazing saxophone solo in this track! Its the searing sound of someone’s soul shaking and shrieking. Or maybe some other experience with less words that begin with s.


Ethereal, Luminous, Poetic…

A mis-spelling of Lazaris name but maybe that is for copyright reasons. This incredibly gentle music is designed to put the listener into a different space, full of the resonance of ancient Lemuria. Its wonderful if you want to meditate and need ‘sounds’ that carry you very lightly.

“If you wanna squeal to the FBI…”

“See these eyes of green…”

“He’s On Quality Street…”

“Can you hear me?”

“I may be an angel in disguise…”

“She’s fashionably late…”

Heroes And Villains

“All the trees are red…”


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