A Colourful Motion Comic


The Veldt (read by Leonard Nimoy)

The Red Room (H. G. Wells)

Number 13 (M. R. James)

Casting The Runes ( M R James)

When someone with a distinctive voice reads a story, they can bring it alive in a new way. English actor Michael Hordern skips delightfully through this classic tale of the supernatural, first published in 1911, from the king of all ghost story writers: Montague Rhodes James.

Sticks (written by Karl Edward Wagner)

This is an audio version of a most unsettling horror story that was first published in 1974. The narrator is either too harsh in his delivery or his American accent is just more extreme than most. He seems to cut off or slur certain words but this is the only audio of it I could find. I’ve long admired this story and feel in the mood for listening rather than reading.

The Lord Of The Rings (BBC Radio 1981)

If you’re in doubt, and worried about the price, just go for it anyway. By the end you’ll wish you had plenty more like this one to buy. Sell your car, sell your house, sell your mother-in-law if need be! This might look like an expensive purchase, but once you get to the last CD of this brilliant dramatization, you won’t even care. After all, its only money…
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Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mystery & Other Stories

railwayWritten by John Taylor, a well known writer and radio producer, Dr Watson introduces and recounts four `new’ stories that have up till now remained a mere collection of random notes. The link to the originals is a locked cedar wood chest that Dr Watson discovers in his bureau. Benedict Cumberbatch is the enthusiastic narrator and what a good job he does. [Read more…]

AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (audio book read by Jim Dale)

LISTENINGLIBRARYAroundTheWorldInEightyDays500Jim Dale is a fabulous narrator, giving each character a distinct voice which lends even more colour to this already colourful story. It is amazing how the use of special effect sounds and the right kind of music can conjure up the scenes in my mind. What a versatile voice! There is no dull monotone here, no character beyond his vocal range. [Read more…]

GHOST STORIES Volume 2 (M.R. JAMES audiobook)

51T8Ul-OrML._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_You get five classic tales by England’s greatest writer of ghost stories on this cd. Running time: two hours forty four minutes. Each story is narrated by Derek Jacobi, one of Britain’s greatest television actors of the past fifty years. [Read more…]

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