The Venture Bros (USA 2003 – )

Some adult cartoons like modern Family Guy just try to disgust their audience to show how “edgy” they are. True, we get into some pretty dark territory with the Venture Bros every now and then, but it never really goes too far. It portrays the characters realistically and never has them try to gross out the viewers. We really do see character development and more of a story go on. Every character has their own quirks, and it’s too hard for me to pick a favourite one.

There is nothing about this show that is predictable. Each episode surprises with it’s characters, plot, comedy and outcome. In a world where no matter how “good” a television series is, they end up doing the same thing every other show has done, with the same rehashed plots and jokes. Or they pull plots from the newspaper headlines. This series was fresh. And that’s hard to achieve when you start as a parody like it did. But then it advanced far beyond parody. This show is very faithful to it’s universe, the world Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick created in season one, with such well drawn characters that continue to develop, each distinctive and layered with real personalities despite their comical stereo-archetypes. And with so much going on in 22 minutes, each of these episodes should be studied by all aspiring TV and film writers to understand the state of the art in screen writing.

The Venture Bros is a parody of 1960’s cartoons and all their seriousness. The format is adopted from Johnny Quest…an excellent humanistic portrayal of people who live too much of their lives in their imagination (a huge theme running through out the series). There is plenty to laugh at for fans of comics/or cartoons that can see the depth of them and would enjoy a candid look at what these things might be like if they were a reality. Very funny dialogue churns away well within the plots when good, and forgivable when it misses. The characters are imaginative, exuding rich personalities that permeate the show, with much of it yet to be uncovered – depending on how far in to the series you have travelled. As a portrayal of the random incidents and moments that make up life, translated into the world of superheroes, TVB delivers plenty of moments of real hysteria. I should big up the animation too: its so polished yet easy on the eye. So, if you enjoy nostalgic wit (a little forced at times) served up with plenty of juvenile violence, give the Venture Bros a whirl. Now!  🙂



  1. Couldn’t agree more, The Venture Bros is a fantastic comedy and definitely should be watched by all fans of animation. Excellent review. 🙂

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  2. Thank you!


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