I Found This Video To Be Interesting

But some others obviously didn’t and the old “comments are disabled” must have been a response to some unpleasantness. Anyway, the concepts in this clip are a welcome antidote to so much Law of Attraction you must feel intensely positive about it or you must clear out all the negative thought patterns first that can be a right turn off for those of us who are more lazy or lacking in hyper enthusiastic energy. This is much more humble and sobering. Nice.



  1. Thanks for sharing, this brings a fresh new perspective on what we’re usually taught re positive thinking. This method of going about things certainly seems less emotionally draining and I can see the benefits, I will definitely have a go at this!

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  2. Here’s to the state of “relief”! I’m glad she mentioned the misunderstanding that happy or successful people are going around in a permanent state of euphoria. They wouldn’t be able to function properly if they did, but many people might assume they do.


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