Forrest Gump (1994 USA)

FG seems like it was written by a whole committee of campaigning politicians trying to ingratiate themselves with what they believed was the typical American movie goer. It’s the most hollow, contrived piece of baby-booming, politically correct rube-ish ever projectile vomited onto the public consciousness. The viewer’s intelligence is insulted by the minute. The makers of this slop are saying  no, it’s not just popular entertainment, it’s the stuff that makes up your existence and defines you as a person, and that’s all you need. Hence the embarrassing clips of dead rock stars and presidents. Just to make you feel smug and cosy.

There is something rotten in the state of Hollywood that this could be given six Academy awards. The scene near the end of the film sums it all up. Taking place in the early 80s, Forrest’s squeeze, Jenny (Robin Wright) tells Gump she has some kind of “new disease.” Are we supposed to feel clever and proud of ourselves for realizing its Aids? Would it be considered bad writing if she just said, “I have this new disease called Aids”? At that time the vast majority of Aids victims were promiscuous gay men, not straight women. The recent history of the United States is also taken rather lightly. All the events that take place around the character happen without his knowledge in the most unconvincing of methods.

                                          (Don’t open this old ho’s box, Forrest. Its a trap!)

Elvis, Vietnam, meeting some American Presidents, his unheard speech at Lincoln Memorial, the hippies, drugs, Bubba Gump shrimp, apple computers, amongst other historic events in which the character gets involved, but does not seem to grasp the magnitude of those very events. The message is clear: be like Gump, sleepwalk your way through life and take in everything the media and government force on you without complaint. FG is physically handicapped as we are shown from the start. Maybe we are supposed to believe that he is emotionally handicapped too. He never seems to get emotionally affected by anything, unless it involves Jenny, even then it does not appear to be convincing or moving in any way.

The soundtrack is irritating. The songs keep breaking into the movie in a very annoying manner. And they are so literal-minded! When Forrest is running, we get `Running on Empty.’ When Forrest goes home, we get `Sweet Home Alabama.’ When Jenny (Robin Wright) walks out a door, we get `Don’t You Love Her As She’s Walking Out the Door.’ As for Forrest Gump’s mother, (Sally Field) the viewer is supposed to admire her prostituting herself to the school principal. You see Forrest sitting on the tree-swing outside his house while you hear the principal’s wheezing noises as he humps mama Gump. Afterwards we don’t even see Mrs. Gump in the actual bed. The scene ends with the Principal exiting the house and talking to Forrest on the porch. What a fine example for the millions of youngsters watching. Glamourizing sluts and simpletons seems to be what Forrest Gump is all about.

    (Sally Field talked out of her rear end as well as being a whore. Talk about multi-talented!)


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