Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y- Fronts Tour

Following the average Bottom 2001: An Arse Oddity, Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson returned for their fifth and final Bottom tour, which played the length and breadth of Britain in 2003. One of the places they brought the show to was Southend on Sea. The Cliffs Pavilion to be precise. Eddie: “Why don’t you just own up to the fact that you were actually born in Basildon?” Richie: “How dare you? I was born here – I love Southport!” By now they were probably just phoning it in, which is why they upped the quotient of swear words for this one.

Together they travel through time and space trying to get to the bar before the audience does, but with bad consequences.’Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour’ kicks off with Richie, desperate to use the toilet, being unable to relieve himself due to the fact that Eddie has been locked in the bathroom for a fortnight. After gaining access he is shocked to discover that Eddie has been creating all sorts of insane inventions, such as Weapons Grade Lager (which he has named ‘G.M.T.V’ ), The Patent Painless Tattoo Remover (which does not so much remove the tattoo as make it merely illegible, as Richie finds out much to his cost) and a special vacuum cleaner of which the suction is so powerful it strips a room of its entire contents.

Richie is also surprised to find that Eddie has built a time-travelling toilet as well, which he names ‘The Turdis’ (a blatant dig at ‘Doctor Who’). Predictably, one mishap leads to another and Richie and Eddie end up being blasted into the unknown, only for The Turdis to run out of power in the middle of nowhere. Survival looks slim…’Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour’ is not a shining example of Rik and Ade at their best but it is not a bad farewell either. Some gags were recycled from previous shows such as the Stephen Fry reference from ‘The Big Number 2 Tour’ and ‘The Pants Song’ from ‘An Arse Oddity, neither of which worked particularly well here (though in my opinion ‘The Pants Song’ didn’t work first time round).

There are some corkers though such as Eddie rhetorically asking Richie ”Who would have thought you could have been so full of s**t!” after sucking the waste from his body with the vacuum, Richie claiming to have a ‘quad bike flashback’ (another reference to Mayall’s real life quad bike accident) and Eddie’s underpants shrinking to microscopic proportions whilst he is still in them. My favourite part was where the twosome go American: “Well, I’ve had it up to here wich-ew!” etc before coming to their senses. And that is where ‘Bottom’ ends. Rik and Ade felt they were getting a bit past it and were keen to move on. Probably a wise move. At least there are plenty of dvds for the fans to relive this special brand of anarchic humour.



  1. Excellent review! I agree, this worked well as their farewell tour and overall (while not the best Bottom material) is still a hilarious watch. Long live Eddie and Richie! ❤

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