Garfield Gains Weight: His Second Book (Jim Davis)

This series of comic books never get old because every lazy slacker can identify with Garfield. The original newspaper strip debuted on June 19, 1978 in 41 U.S. newspapers. Several months after the launch, the Chicago Sun-Times cancelled the overweight puddy tat. Over 1300 angry readers demanded that Garfield be reinstated. He was, and the rest, as they say, is history. These days, Garfield is read in over 2400 newspapers by 200 million people. America’s number one fat cat has never been knocked off his heavyweight throne.

Garfield Gains Weight is only the second book of Garfield comics. Garfield looks more like a cat than he does in today’s comics. Lyman isn’t in as many of the strips as he was in Garfield at Large, but his dog Odie is always around. This book introduces Liz the Veterinarian and Garfield takes an instant dislike to her . . . as he probably would with any vet.

Jon immediately falls for Liz and asks her out many times, only to be shot down miserably each time. Poor Jon. As with a most of Garfield comics strips, some make me laugh and some do not. Maybe you have to be a cat person to really appreciate Garfield. I am both a cat (and dog) person, so its predictable that I enjoy this comic strip and have always liked Garfield.

I enjoyed the addition of Liz into the character lineup, as Jon needed a female to play off. As for Jon, he sure lets his cat boss him around and beat him up. I know cats think they rule the house, and Jim Davis does a good job of portraying this in Garfield Gains Weight. Overall, Garfield Gains Weight is another fun-filled book that will keep you entertained for hours.

After all, we all know who Garfield is. He has been in the newspapers for over 30 years, had a television show in the early 1980’s, and even had a movie or two. It is nice to see Garfield in his early stage of development and notice how different he is from the character he is today.



  1. Do one on Calvin and Hobbes!

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  2. Done.

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  3. Brilliant stuff, I couldn’t agree more! Us cat lovers tend to be Garfield aficionados don’t we? 🐱

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