Not Bad For A 69 Year Old

Yes, all the clichés are present and correct for a man born in 1947. This is a cross between “A Whiter Shade Of Pale” and “Free As A Bird” (which he produced) with maybe bits of other Beatle-esque flavours swirling around. But its quite remarkable such an old geezer can still release a very concise, new (well, 2015 is ‘new’ enough for highteadreams) recording with a voice that could pass for a guy in his 40s. (As well as playing all the instruments himself)



  1. Just PERFECT. The music video is impressive work too! It’s a crying shame how underrated (and under-marketed since I didn’t see this anywhere in the charts in 2015) Jeff Lynne is, this video should have many more views than just over 1 mill. o_O

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  2. I totally agree with you. I can understand some youngsters being put off by elderly artists, but what about the end result? If the music is good, youth or image should not matter.


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