President Donald J Coward & The Armenian Genocide

A torchlight procession marks the anniversary of the killing of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman forces in Yerevan, April 23, 2017. Armenians commemorate on April 24, the 102 anniversary of the killing of 1.5 million by Ottoman forces, as a fierce dispute still rages with Turkey over Ankara’s refusal to recognise the mass murder as genocide.

I know he is a Gemini but did anyone expect Trump to be so two faced in so short a time? The president has turned into a cuck who is drowning in the mucky swamp he promised to drain last year. Now that the election is in the past he doesn’t need his voters approval any more. There has been one U turn after another. Last year he said there would be no new US military action in the Middle East. Then he attacked Syria & Afghanistan. He promised to investigate or imprison Hillary Clinton. As soon as he won he claimed the Clintons “are good people.”

He is grovelling for the Establishment’s approval. He wants the Lame Stream Media to say what a good guy he is. Like they did about Bill Clinton and Obama. And they did pat him on the head for bombing Syria. He then felt a surge of macho vindication. Thing is, Donald, fighting hand to hand in the wrecked streets of Stalingrad is being manly. Bombing a defenceless, third world nation from a comfortable distance is not being manly. Getting tough is sending in the National Guard to shut down the New York Times and Federal Reserve. That would get all of his genuine supporters back on side. Instead he is praising the head of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen. Last year he said she was doing a bad job. Different story now.

Maybe he is being threatened or blackmailed behind the scenes. If so, he should tell the people in a televised address. This ludicrous appeasing of the neo con establishment–who still loathe him–is embarrassing. And the ease with which judges could stop his anti immigration initiatives show that his future could be a Nixon-style impeachment. Maybe he’s just too old and all of his rhetoric last year was manipulation. Telling the disaffected masses what they wanted to hear. Maybe Jared Kushner is the real president. His father in law is sounding like a puppet. Hoping to prosecute Julian Assange is yet another move to appease the establishment. Trump may as well change his name to Hillary Clinton now. That is the politician he is most resembling. He is reading from the same cue card.

Throughout his campaign, and after entering the White House, Trump pursued rapprochement with Russia and confrontation with China. He accused the Chinese of currency manipulation. Then the U turn: “they’re not currency manipulators” he purred whilst threatening war with Russia. Not content with these dizzying reversals, Trump declared of Nato: “I said it was obsolete; it’s no longer obsolete”. And now he’s failed to call the Armenian Holocaust what it really was – a racial/religious genocide of Christian Armenians by mostly Muslim Turks. What a sell-out! We expect this of a Clinton or a Bush but Trump was supposed to be an anti-Establishment alpha male, telling it like it is and to hell with political correctness. Seriously, this is the fastest let down in political history.


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