Vogue (Madonna)

I am not a Madonna fan. Her hedonistic egomania is unpleasant. The majority of her music has never satisfied me either but I love this track. She hit the G spot with this one! I feel like I’ve died and gone to some insane fashion extravaganza in New York. Mostly because of that galloping, quivering, descending bass riff. The name-dropping lyrics are a poseur’s dream…



  1. Great line: “Her hedonistic egomania is unpleasant.”

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    • Thanks…glad I’m not the only one aware of it, lol. When she first hit it big I hoped she might be worth all the fuss but like these other ladies who came later, Beyonce and Britney Spears, she tries to hide the lack of good material by using semi-porno videos. When I’m in the mood for music I want to hear impressive songs, not be hypnotized by a video full of dancers. I prefer consistent artists who charmed the public like Olivia Newton John or Donna Summer.

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  2. I am actually big fan of Madonna and have this CD from her grand collection, through the years I must say she gone bit strange

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  3. Nice to hear from you again. I’ll try and give some of her other stuff a listen.

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  4. Agreed on your assessment of Madonna, although needless to say this is an iconic track! I’ve gotta admit that I have listened to this on my iPod sometimes after buying an expensive clothing item (makes me temporarily forget about the overly inflated shop prices ha ha).

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