Quotes From Torkom Saraydarian

‘I was reading in a medical book that the genes and DNA control the muscles, the glands, the behaviors, and the consciousness of people, but the doctors do not dare to question how these formations of genes came into being. How is it that you have cancer in your genes, or tuberculosis, and others do not? Is God really so unrighteous to create good genes in you and bad genes in them? Some doctors never dare to talk about these things because they are scared! Even if they know a little, they don’t want to discuss these things because it affects their income, and for some their income is more important than your health problems.’

‘Your thinking, your emotions, your actions, your speech create those recordings in your permanent atoms that eventually produce your genes. It is YOU that builds your genes. No one else builds them. God is not so crazy as to sit there and prescribe genes for you. Your genes are made by your own hands, by your own thoughts, by your own mouth, by your solar plexus or heart. The way that you are living and acting and relating to people creates your genes. That is why whatever you are, you are! You created it.’

‘It is not a mystery now that our invisible electromagnetic sphere or etheric body is the conditioning factor of our physical body and that this energy system around us is controlled by our thoughts. For example, suppose you have a golden radiation, with beautiful hues in it. Then suddenly a thought of fear, hatred, or jealousy comes in and boom – it makes your sphere all black. Your whole electrical system is short circuited. All that we are and all that we are going to be is the result of our thoughts.’

‘People are very careful about putting money in the bank. They say, “Twenty years later I will have 20,000 dollars.” But they do not think about what bank they are putting their thoughts into and what kind of thoughts they are putting into it. There is a more important bank than the bank where we are putting our dollars. In that bank you are putting all your capital; you are building the capital of your future and it will create earthly joys and heavenly joys. If you deposit material money and do not pay attention to your future becomingness, then you are losing whatever you build here. Your unfoldment of the future is like a garden in which you are going to bloom.’

‘If your thoughts are really low-quality, you are going to be a low-quality person. If your thoughts are very high-quality, then you are going to be a great creative genius because that is what you worked for. Whatever you give to Nature, Nature gives back to you, as your bank does – and always with greater interest.’



  1. Fascinating, I completely agree! After all as George Bernard Shaw said, “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

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